17 juillet 2017

R.J. Cantu

Illusionist "R.J. Cantu on Master's of Illusion" "The CW" "Levitates and Floats a Girl"http://www.RJCantu.com Season 4 of "Master's of Illusion" on "The CW" features Magician/Illusionist "R.J. Cantu" who "Levitates a Girl" in thin air! Women Levitates"R.J. Cantu" is not only an "Illusionist" but and Actor who has appeared in "The Secret Life of an American Teenage" on "ABC Family" , MTV's "Death Valley" and "Veronica Mars" on "The CW"! "R.J. Cantu" performance on "Master's of Illusion" aired on "The CW" 7/14/2017.... [Lire la suite]
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13 juillet 2017


hiphopJackson is a 25 year old recording artist based out of North Hollywood, CA. He is the younger cousin of Michael Jackson and credits much of his musical prowess to spending time as a teen in the studio with Michael. After downloading his song, please show your support by lip syncing to it and posting it to your, Jacksons and my Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for supporting this talented young man. Thank you
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03 juillet 2017

how to make an app for free

learn android developmentToday I listed the very best android program development courses for beginners. I could still remember the times where video tutorials are really hard to find. Because of Udemy, you can now learn this incremental and easily. Now you don't need to go to a university to get a class that takes years or months to complete.It's very good to realize that in a short time period, you will learn how to produce a program!Well... There are free tutorials That you can find in YouTube and other sites but the topics are... [Lire la suite]
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