Fort Wayne production studio - Fiesta Studios began over 10 years ago as a project manufactured by Andrew Miller. The idea was to produce videos using the goal of simply making new friends and family laugh. As soon as the group split up in 2007 to pursue other projects, the channel saw upset of videos as Andrew Miller, Andy Amstutz, Kristin Wuensch and Danny Pelz got down to create a “monster in the woods” series. Although this was a different tone entirely compared to the original Fiesta Studios content entirely, it put together these creative minds who does then go on to form the new iteration of Fiesta Studios in 2015.

Whilst the aim was casual without a focus on widespread marketing, something happened along the way. We were contacted through the production studio behind “Outrageous Acts of Science” on Discovery Science channel, who wanted to use our video ‘Eating a Durian Fruit’ that was the first of several food challenges filmed that year. So, even though the aim was not to become famous over the season, the c's ended up getting viewed by hundreds of thousands of people on television anyway.